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So I have a minor dilemma. I have a fun, non-work related database project (yes I know, how absolutely completely geeky, and it's worse, it's RPG related) that I was thinking if using to learn OpenOffice.org Base. However, the tutorials linked from their site are either for 1.x (and there were MAJOR changes between 1.x and 2.0) or cover nothing more complex than what a dying lethargic hamster could figure out on its own. The help files are ok at answering basic questions but not telling me how to do things. All the online searching I've done has turned up stuff on 1.x, similarly idiotic 'tutorials' or "OOo 2.0 is out and it includes Base!" And none of those things cover any of the errors I've been getting. Now the dilemma is that I know how to do most of what I to do in Microsoft Access, I only know this because I took a class in it a couple of years ago. So I could just go do it in Access... So do I keep pounding away and try to learn how do this stuff in Open Office (this would probably involve learning at least some SQL, not a bad thing, but a time consuming thing) or do I bite the bullet and go back to using the evil program?
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